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Who is 'How to Unlock GOD's BIG Plan For Your Life' for?


Anyone holding on and crying out "Help me Jesus!"

And asking...

  • Who am I?
  • Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?
  • Why have the good prophecies for my life never happened?
  • Why do I feel so empty inside, when outwardly I am very successful?
  • Why do things suddenly turn bad, just when I thought they would get better?
  • Why do I still feel depressed, even though I’ve been a Christian for years?
  • Why do I find it impossible to stop sinning, no matter what I vow to do?
  • Is there a way to feel clean and break invisible chains from my past?
  • Can I still fulfill my destiny in God, even though I think I’ve missed it?
  • Does Jesus really want to heal me—is Christian inner healing real?
  • Is there a really powerful prayer to defeat Satan I could learn?
  • Could demons be tormenting me—or are they just made up?
  • How can I drive out evil spirits and get real deliverance?
  • What is the most powerful morning prayer?
  • How can I win the battle of spiritual warfare?
  • How can I be sure to hear the voice of Jesus?

(David v Goliath painting by the amazing artist Jan van 't Hoff - please visit for more incredible paintings that glorify GOD!)

Is it time for you to destroy the Goliaths bullying you? These people below wanted true accurate answers and real help to get free...

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"If you are looking for assurance that God really does love you, much more than you can imagine, and that He has great plans for your life, you will be mightily encouraged by this book. I almost read all 300 pages in one sitting!

Dave shares from his heart some of the gracious and miraculous ways that God has dealt with him during the past 26 years. There is a rare openness, vulnerability and honesty in this book, with Dave being willing to humble himself to share his weaknesses and sins.

This book is truly refreshing and unique among the multitude of other Christian literature."


I found chapter 9 (the audio book version) extremely compelling.

So much so, that I purchased the entire book in audio form. I have been listening over the past two days.

Unfortunately, we sometimes have to lose someone we love in order to develop the where withal to wake up and fight the Spiritual Battle that we are all involved in (as you say) whether we want to be or not.

Take Care and may God continue to richly bless you in all your endeavors.

"Today is the day the Maker of the whole universe comes to you... to destroy the works of the devil in the fallen you and to show that you are a somebody, that you count and that you are loved by the great 'I AM'"

Neels - South Africa (see his full report below) ...

More true stories from the front lines ...


"Dave man, one night I was hopeless and in despair I was looking for answers and, in my hopelessness, I typed "Jesus help me" on the internet and I came onto your website and downloaded your stuff.

You gave me hope that night, but not the way you would expect – it wasn’t about what you said as much as it was the humility and the humbleness in which you said it.

I fell instantly in love with you man, because you had something in your voice, that was not from man, but from God….and I realised that it’s not the doctrine or the knowledge or even the anointing, but it’s about the heart from which it comes and if God is love, it ought to be the greatest manifestation of His sons and it ought to be the only message to the world out there.

Today I am stopping to tell people how much God loves them, today I start showing them how much Jesus loves them by laying my hands on them healing them in the Name of Jesus and telling them the real truth: I am God’s beloved, He has come here to shake the world you live in through His sons because this is the will of our Father: to use us to His own good pleasure and for His Glory and not tomorrow or the next day or after some councelling or after some repentance from your side, but today is the day that Jesus heals you.

And today is the day that the Maker of the whole universe comes to you in the form of a humble servant to destroy the works of the devil in the fallen you, and to show you that you are a somebody and that you count and that you are loved by the great "I AM" who calls onto the starry hosts, to each of them by their name, and by His greatness and His power, not one is missing!!

Dave I feel this in my heart and it has set me ablaze!!

This mesasge is more urgent than death – I pray that you will preach this message to the growing body of Christ.

I bless you… in the Name of Jesus.

God’s big Plan: to restore in us what was lost and stolen in the fall of mankind through the finished work of Jesus Christ who is life – so we can die to the lie and become sons again, not in the next life, but in this one!

God bless you, Dave Alston!”


"'How to unlock God’s big plan for your life' is a very challenging and enlightening read for anyone… whether you’ve been a Christian for years, are a new believer or just curious to learn more about the Christian faith.

The book deals with real issues and speaks candidly about both the reality of God’s presence and power and also the truth about the supernatural constant spiritual battle each of us is engaged in (whether we know it or not). I would recommend it to anybody who needs training in the art of spiritual warfare or those who are searching for answers to life’s questions.

This book will leave you in no doubt about the reality of the kingdoms of darkness and light and the motives behind the two sides and will also teach you all you need to know about being on the winning side.

This book won’t simply educate you. It will prepare you and give you the weapons you need to overcome all obstacles in your own life and be in a right relationship with your heavenly father. It does exactly what the title suggests. Now you have the key... use it!"

[All testimonies on file. Emphasis added].

If you are like many other readers you'll keep referring back to this book for years

The chapters in your guide ...

  • Chapter 1—The Hidden Verse That Unlocks Your Whole Life
  • Chapter 2—Why Am I Here? What Should I Do With My Life?
  • Chapter 3—A New Way To Look At The Question, Who Am I?
  • Chapter 4—The Weird Miracle Of The Blue Bike.
  • Chapter 5—Your Destiny is Fixed Already If You’re A Christian... Or Is It?
  • Chapter 6—Hearing God’s Voice For Normal People.
  • Chapter 7—Help With Finances If You Are Not A Giant of Faith.
  • Chapter 8—Need Answers From God Fast?
  • Chapter 9—The Sin No One Talks About, Not Even Your Pastor.
  • Chapter 10—How to Defeat Every Stubborn, Persistent Sin You Will Ever Face.
  • Chapter 11—The One Secret To Everything In The Christian Life.
  • Chapter 12—How to Always Feel Clean, Worthy And Loved.
  • Chapter 13—Inner Healing That Works, By Nazareth’s Carpenter.
  • Chapter 14—Six Killer Reasons Why God Ignores Your Prayers.
  • Chapter 15—The Truth About The Holy Spirit: How To Understand When God Is Speaking, Leading & Guiding You.
  • Chapter 16—Had an Unusual Dream? How to Let God Direct Your Destiny Through Your Dream Life To Success.
  • Chapter 17—The Path You Must Choose To Fulfil Your Destiny Properly.

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Question: I'm still curious... why is this free? Answer: Because Jesus loves you... And the author wants fruit for GOD by helping disciple's breakthrough because it is the End Times.